E-FISE 2020 Final scooter results


The E-FISE officially started on Thursday July 9th and ended on Sunday September 20th, 2020. It was totally different with an innovative online experience due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Indeed, it was the first ever digital stage of FISE Montpellier which took place 100% online with €150k Prize Money. 

Basically, it was a Video Contest open to Pros, Amateurs, Men and Women, incorporating all FISE Sports: BMX, Inline skating, Parkour, Breaking, Skateboard, Scooter and Wakeboard. 

Here the final results: blading, skate, bmx, scooter

Scooter street contest

#1 BAILLY Alexandre (FRA)

#2 Amateur - BAUMES Hugo (FRA)

#1 Pro - JUZZY Carter (AUS)

#2 Pro - REECE Doezema (USA)

Scooter park contest

#1 Amateur - PHARABOD Fantin (FRA)

# 1 Amateur - LUCY Evans (GBR)

#1 Pro - CLOT Esteban (FRA)

#2 Pro - HULL Jamie (GBR)


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